Barisal (BEPCL) Coal Power Plant (Phase-I)

The Barisal Coal Power Plant is jointly owned by ISO Tech Electrification Company Limited (ITECL), a subsidiary of ISO Tech Group with Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina) and its subsidiaries such as PowerChina Resources (PCR) Sinohydro (Hong Kong) Holding Limited. The project proponent has already acquired 160 acres of land from Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and local people and in the process of taking more lands from adjacent village.

The National River Conservation Commission (NRCC) of Bangladesh ordered the DC of Barguna to evict Barisal CFP (Barisal Electricity Company Limited) on 28 September 2020 as it is being built illegally, encroaching on land of the Payra River. The Chairman of NRCC also asked them to take measures for cancelling the record of rights if such documents had been issued claiming the river land as private properties.

But the PowerChina, one of the sponsors and parent EPC contractor informed through a press release that the construction of 217-meter Chimney started on 16 December 2020 which is a clear violation of the order of a statutory body. The Finance ministry also has given a guarantee for loan on 23 December 2020. 

Basic Information
Name of the Power Plant: Barisal Coal-fired Power Plant
Alternative Name: Barguna Coal Power Plant, Taltali Coal Power Plant
Current Status: Construction (1st Phase)
Type of Entity: IPP (Independent Power Producer)
Owner: Private
Basis of Ownership: BOO (Build, Operate and Own)
Number of Unit: 1
Installed Capacity: 350 Megawatt
Derated Capacity: 307 MW actual)
ESS Category: A (according to ADB and World Bank Safeguard Policies)
ECR Category: Red (according to Bangladesh Environmental Protection Rule 1997)
IP Category: A (70 Acre of land grabbed from 20 Rakhine families)
EIA Clearance: Not taken (IEE on 8 May 2018 and ESIA to be submitted in October 2018)
Base Tariff (kWh): BDT 6.77

Address: Village: Khottar Char, Ankujanpara, Nishanbaria Union, Upazila: Taltali, District: Barguna, Division: Barisal, Bangladesh
Geographic Position: On the bank of Payra River at the estuary of the Bay of Bengal, 6.38 km north of Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary, 5.1 km north from Sonakata Eco Park, 2.8 km east of Laldia Reserve Forest, 6.6 km northwest from Fatrar Char Mangrove Forest, 4 km north from Shubha Sandhya Sea Beach, 7.8 km from Haringhata Mangrove Forest and 16.7 km from the SRF which is the largest single tract mangrove forest of the world.
Coordinates: 21.9643, 90.0658

Land & Communities
Land Size: 310 Acres (155 acres already acquired, 50 acres in the process and additional 105 acres proposed)
Land Owners: Payra River, Ankujanpara Farir Khal, Government, Local Farmer, Fishermen and Indigenous Rakhine Community
Affected Communities: 600 families from local farmers, fishermen and Rakhine community
Directly Affected: 153 families
Indirectly Affected: 450 families

Fuel & Technology
Primary Fuel: Subbituminous Coal (Imported)
Support Fuel: HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)
Fuel Source: Australia or Indonesia
Required Fuel (annual): 1.36 million tonnes (1.2-1.5 million tonnes)
Required Fuel (Lifetime): 34.05 million tonnes
Technology: SC (Supercritical)

Projected Emission
Carbon (C, Annual): 1.23 million tonnes
Carbon (C, Lifetime): Undisclosed
Mercury (Hg, Annual): Undisclosed
Mercury (Hg, Lifetime): Undisclosed
Sulphur (NOx, Annual): Undisclosed
Sulphur (NOx, Lifetime): Undisclosed
Solid Particles (PM 2.5, Annual): Undisclosed
Solid Particles (PM 2.5, Lifetime): Undisclosed

Executing Agencies
Operator: BEPCL (Barisal Electric Power Company Limited)
Alternative Names: Barisal Power Company Limited (BPCL), Barisal Electricity Company Limited (BECL)
Sponsor: BEDHL (Barisal Energy (DFC) Holding Limited): 92%
Parent: SHKHL (Sinohydro (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited)
Sponsor: SHKHL (Sinohydro (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited): 4%
Parent: Power China Resources
Sponsor: ISO Tech Electrification Company Limited: 4%
Parent: ISO Tech Group
Sponsor: Taylor Power Environmental Company Limited (TPEL)
Energy Buyer: Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)

Total Budget: USD 557.89 million
Sponsors’ Investment: Undisclosed
Estimated Investments: USD 162 million (30%)
ITECL: USD 6.48 million
BEDICL: USD 149.04 million
SHKHL: USD 6.48 million
Overseas Loan: Undisclosed
Estimated Loan: USD 378.00 million (70%) 
PCR Consortium: USD 378.00 million
GOB Contribution: USD 17.89 million 
Transmission Line: USD 17.89 million

EPC Contractor: Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company Limited (SEPC)
Supply Contractor: Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEIC)
Supply Contractor: Dongfang Electric International Company Limited (DEICL)
Civil Engineering: Ever Honest International Logistics Limited (EHIL)
Subcontractor: Conveyor Group

CMS Supplier: Shandong Chengxin Engineering Construction Supervision Company Limited (SCECL)
Equipment Supplier: Power Construction Corporation of China Limited (PowerChina)

IEE Consultant: Environmental Quality and Management System Consulting Limited (EQMS)
EIA Consultant: Undisclosed
EMP Consultant: Environmental Quality and Management System Consulting Limited (EQMS)
Financial Adviser: Undisclosed
Insurer: Undisclosed
Technical Consultant: Hebei Electric Power Design & Research Institute Company Limited (HEPRI)

JV Agreement Signed: July 2017
LOI Issued by BPDB: 13 July 2017
NOC Issued by UNO: 10 September 2017
Formation of BEPCL: October 2017
NOC Issued by BFD: 30 March 2018
IA Signed with PGCB: 12 April 2018
PPA Signed with BPDB: 12 April 2018
Site Clearance from DOE: June 2018
Letter of Intent: July 2018
Construction Period: 45 months
Agreement with HEPRI: 30 August 2018
BPDB Investigation: 28 October 2018
GOB Finance Guarantee: 23 December 2020
Expected COD: 11 January 2022
Project Lifetime: 25 Years
Project Phase Out: 10 January 2047

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